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Discussion in 'Peugeot 307' started by Crazy Aizy, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Crazy Aizy

    Crazy Aizy Guest

    The handbrake lever needs a gaiter to cover the slot in the centre console
    and thus prevent small objects from falling into the handbrake mechanism!
    My partner's job requires her to wear a name badge which she removes when I
    pick her up from work. Usually this is not a problem but yesterday she
    dropped the badge and rather than fall somewhere accessible such as the
    footwell, it decided to obey Sod's Law and dropped into the said slot.
    At first it looked like a simple job to retrieve it just by poking about
    with a thin stick and blu-tack but by the time we got home it had moved and
    disappeared somewhere in the mechanism and out of sight. Now it seemed we'd
    have to remove the entire console! Luckily we were able to gain access
    through the rear of the console by removing the oddments bin but the badge
    remained stubbornly illusive. Eventually, thanks to my partner's long
    slender fingers, the pesky thing was located and retrieved. What a relief
    but please Peugeot, think about a gaiter/cover for the handbrake!

    "Once in a while,
    I'm standing here, doing something.
    And I think,
    What in the world am I doing here?
    It's a big surprise."
    Crazy Aizy, Apr 25, 2004
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