307 auto tranmission - hard gear changes

Discussion in 'Peugeot 307' started by tricky4000, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. tricky4000

    tricky4000 Guest

    Recently I took my 307 2.0lt in for 90K service and was told by the PUG

    mechanic that the transmission required 1 litre of transmission fluid.
    He said it happens every now and then. It seems to have softened the
    gear changes but recently started doing it again. Can anyone tell me
    where I check the tranny fluid level? Does it have a dipstick or level

    viewer window?
    Also, if anyone has any comments/suggestions or general info about this

    problem, I would like to know more.
    Thanks, Dan
    tricky4000, Jun 30, 2006
  2. tricky4000

    sarah Guest

    i am also one of the deranged few who brought what i called to peugeot
    customer service a silk purse from a sows ear
    2.0 hdi sw 90 bhp 53000 miles to date
    new cd change
    new carpet
    new suspension bushes
    refit of the anti roll bar the garage left the bolts loose
    new catches on rear seats
    lack of power due to dirty fuel lines
    new discs & pads35000?
    3 weeks after they neglected to tell me the warrenty was up
    new roller tensioner on the fan belt ( sheared bolt)
    now new gearbox required
    Peugeot cutomer service complete waste of time
    she looks lovely shineing in the sun but oh dear what a hunk of junk
    friday night monday morning car
    i hear people are having the same problems with the 407

    oh dear i will get rid next march if i can get it off the drive
    sarah, Jun 30, 2006
  3. Generally, Peugeot's high torque engines work harder on the auto
    transmission. I've had 306 and 406 before, the mineral and semi -synthetic
    fluid seems not good enough for the job. After changed to Castrol Trans Z
    full synthetic fluid. the rough gear change disappeared. I was going to do
    the same to my Citroen C5, but the dealer advised me not to do so during the
    warrenty period.
    Yuting & Yuming Wan, Jul 2, 2006
  4. tricky4000

    tricky4000 Guest

    Thanks Yuting & Yuming Wan,
    That's interesting about the transmission fluid you used. I will keep
    that in mind and maybe have it replaced at the 100,000kms service with
    synthetic stuff. It will be out of warranty by then so worth a shot.
    tricky4000, Jul 3, 2006
  5. tricky4000

    tricky4000 Guest

    Remember me?

    I took my 307 into the dealer with my problem and they are changing
    over my transmission for free. They agree there is a problem and
    seeing as the car is still covered by warranty, they agreed to change
    over with a reconditioned transmission. I am happy with that. They
    haven't gone into the nut and bolts of it so to speak so I don't know
    exactly what is wrong with the old one...and I haven't picked it up yet
    either as it is still in the workshop. I will ask them exactly what
    they found.
    So yeah...problematic transmissions they are indeed and they don't like
    to admit it...they just replace them. I'm sure this will happen again
    one day but until then I will just drive a little longer and then maybe
    sell it. :)
    Thanks for the advice on the Castrol Z trans oil. I told the dealer
    about it and they agreed that a different oil (namely synthetic)
    proabbly would have made a world pof difference on a new working
    transmission, but mine was so badly worn that it wouldn't make a
    difference now. I will probably change to a synthetic on the
    reconditioned transmission anyhow.

    Regards, Dan.
    tricky4000, Jul 21, 2006
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