306 - squeaky wheel + Bosch caliper/pad instructions

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by David Hearn, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. David Hearn

    David Hearn Guest

    Our 306 (1998/S reg, 1.4l petrol) has developed a squeaky driver's side
    wheel. At various speeds (but most noticeable at lower speeds) you can
    hear a repetitive squeak which varies with road speed and occurs on each
    revolution. The squeak is often worse when the wheel is turned (left or

    I've taken the wheel off and rotated the discs and that seems to be
    source of the problem. At one point on the revolution there's a slight
    squeak. I've released the caliper (so the pads aren't touching as much)
    and it goes away/significantly reduces.

    We used to have a bit of a squeak when using the brakes lightly or for
    about the first second of heavier braking. We went up to Wales (from
    Surrey) 2 weeks ago and only noticed this new non-braking squeak then -
    after going along an unmade road (very bumpy, dusty and gritty). I
    wondered whether it was some grit that had got between the pad/disc.

    Drove back down a week later and problem was no better after the 200
    mile journey. MOT a day or so later was fine - no problem with the
    brakes efficiency etc. I asked about the squeak - and they didn't have
    much to say, except it sounded metal to metal - which I'm not certain of
    - but is a squeak.

    The pads and discs were done a year or so ago (can't remember exactly -
    but certainly over a year - I think I got a letter recently about it
    being a year ago) and the pads are still fine.

    This evening I was planning on removing the pads and checking them over
    and refitting them - unfortunately, I cannot find the brake system I
    have fitted in the Haynes manual! These calipers have Bosch cast into
    them, but the Haynes manual says Bendix were fitted on this model and
    doesn't even have any Bosch system listed (except the Bosch ABS
    controller, and we don't have ABS, and doesn't cover mention Bosch
    calipers). I did manage to get the pads loose in their holders so they
    rattled, and passed a bit of paper between pad and disc in the hope to
    brush anything out which might have got in there. But after putting
    wheel back on and trying the car out again, the squeak is still there.

    So - 2 questions:

    1.) Any suggestions as to what the cause of the problem is (and solution)?
    2.) Can anyone provide information about how to remove (and refit) the
    front pads on a 1998/S reg 306 1.4l which has Bosch calipers fitted?


    David Hearn, Oct 10, 2006
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  2. David Hearn

    Vim Fuego Guest

    Warped disc could do it but I can't believe that you're not gett judder on
    braking (and you haven't mentioned any). I wonder if it could be some sort
    of irregularity close to the middle of the disc, just outside the braking
    contact area, which could be rubbing against the pad. But you would think
    something like that would wear away quite quickly...

    Does the disc/wheel get much hotter on this side than the other?

    I don't know whether this is a bad idea or not but what about swapping the
    discs over and see if the problem disappears or 'follows' the suspect disc
    from one side to the other?
    Ah the joys of Peugeot / Citroen brakes. "Pierre mon ami, what brakes 'ave
    we got in ze part bin today for us to fit before we go to lunch for 'ow you
    say three hours?"
    Vim Fuego, Oct 11, 2006
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  3. David Hearn

    Chris Guest

    What you having tea breaks evey 15 mins lol
    Chris, Oct 11, 2006
  4. David Hearn

    David Hearn Guest

    Well, all sorted (for now!)

    I found some info about the (Bosch) brake system, and it's standard on
    the N5 model (1997 onwards?) apparently.

    To remove the pads, just remove the lower bolt from the caliper. Rotate
    the caliper upwards, pivoting on the top pin/slide. The pads can then
    be removed.

    The pads have a small leaf spring top and bottom. These appear to stop
    the pads from rattling (forwards/backwards) in their slot. However, on
    the inner pad, the top spring was missing and the lower spring was a bit
    bent. I also noticed that this pad was showing greater wear on the top
    half than the lower half (ie. the pad wear wasn't parallel to the back
    of the pads). Both pads had plenty of life left.

    I cleaned up the pads and discs using some Benbo brake cleaner (the back
    of the pads looked almost like new!), refitted the pads, and put some
    copper grease on the back of the pads (there appeared to have been some
    there before, but was cleaned off with the cleaner) and refitted the

    Since then I've had no more squeaks. I plan on replacing the pads
    sometime due to the uneven wear and missing spring (no idea if I can get
    the springs separately) - but they appear to be working perfectly - and
    if I hear the squeak again, I'll just replace them, rather than cleaning
    it up again.

    So, either it was the bent spring, change in copper grease, or a good
    clean of the pads/discs which sorted it.

    Not having changed pads/done any work on brakes before - I must admit -
    the Bosch calipers on the 306 were very easy to work with - literally
    just 1 bolt to remove - nice and easy.

    Only thing was, I didn't have any threadlock to put on the bolt, as per
    Peugeot instructions. And I wasn't certain of the torque to tighten the
    bolt to. It was quite tight to undo, but that could be down to
    threadlock. The Peugeot printout I had said "tighten the bolt to 3
    da.Nm." I'm not sure what the daNm is - but my torque wrench didn't go
    down as low as 3 Nm - but it's tight. I'll get threadlock for next
    time. Do you think it'll be okay?


    David Hearn, Oct 17, 2006
  5. David Hearn

    Duncan Wood Guest

    thing was, I didn't have any threadlock to put on the bolt, as per
    3DaNM is 30NM
    Duncan Wood, Oct 17, 2006
  6. David Hearn

    David Hearn Guest

    Aha - I did wonder about that - but it wasn't in the wrench manual.
    I'll check it when I can to make sure it's okay.

    Thanks again

    David Hearn, Oct 17, 2006
  7. David Hearn

    Chris Guest

    As long as you did it tight it should be o,k
    Chris, Oct 17, 2006
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