306 D Turbo - heater not working

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by puk, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. puk

    puk Guest


    The heater doesn't work on my 306 D Turbo (N reg).

    Some folk tell me the heating system needs bleeding - I've bled the two
    screw valves on the water pipes (one behind the rocker cover and one to the
    side) but still no heat from the heater.

    I've also been told to flush the system - I've heard you can get flushing
    agent that can be left in the system - is this correct - if so what is it

    Also I've been told that the heater matrix may need replacing. Is this a
    big/costly job, and can I do any test first, to be sure it needs replacing.

    By the way - no leaks anywhere.

    puk, Oct 19, 2004
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  2. puk

    Nigel Guest

    Are the pipes to the matrix getting hot? If so, is the heat mixer flap
    on the heater working?
    Nigel, Oct 19, 2004
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  3. puk

    blackknight Guest

    hi first of all check the pipes that go to the matrix are hot if there not
    check back a long pipes till you come to hot one prob between hot and cold
    bit ie thermostat blocked pipe or (valve not opening electrical if fitted
    to your model)
    if hot go inside car put hand up and feel matrix if hot could just be
    clip off heat adjuster or snaped cable or fulty valve ie flap not opening
    and closing water not passing valve

    ask for (holts rad flush) to clean water system...and matrix costly and
    pain to fit
    and one more point put garden hose to inlet pipe of matrix if water come
    out the out let it fine cos you have no leaks as you say but remember some
    matrix have shut of vavels and if this the case and it at fult hose test
    wont work of corse
    hope this helps some any probs post back
    blackknight, Oct 19, 2004
  4. puk

    Neil D Guest

    Hate to say it, but I tried all sorts, flushing backwards and forwards, but
    it turned out I needed a new heater matrix. Shop around if going to a
    Peugoet dealer as the prices I was quoted varied quite a bit,

    Neil D, Oct 20, 2004
  5. I'm nearing the time when I expect mine to fail, I've seen them at
    around 30-40 quid, but did you get a garage to fit it? If so how much
    was it? If you didn't was it really that much of a pig to do?
    mike. buckley, Oct 21, 2004
  6. puk

    Neil D Guest

    Hi Mike, the whole dashboard has to come out to get to the heater matrix. I
    could've taken it to any garage, but they'd have just been trial and error,
    which I could have done myself. But as we've looked after the car for 5
    years, I wanted the job done properly. I took it to a Peugoet dealer about
    50 miles away as they did the job for £278 (and I've just found out they've
    shut down, I'd have kept using them otherwise). Other quotes varied around
    £400 - £600. It depends, if you've got a lot of patience and the risk the
    car being off the road for a couple of days, it could be a nice project. I
    was frightened by the thought of removing the airbag, but I've had to do
    that since, to adjust the wheel and I found it easy.

    Neil D, Oct 21, 2004
  7. puk

    Hardgrafter Guest

    Just goes to show how vital it is to change the engine coolant every two
    years. The problem is that aluminium corrodes very easily. Ethylene Glycol
    reduces the conductivity of the water (which is required for electrolytic
    corrosion between aluminium and steel in the engine), and there is also a
    corrosion inhibitor. Strange how its the heater matrix that goes, not the
    radiator (which would be easy to replace). Different material?

    As Neil says, it is an absolute pig to remove the entire dash board. £300
    for the work is a bargain.
    Hardgrafter, Oct 21, 2004
  8. I specifically requested my coolant be changed at 100k (5 years from
    new), had the gearbox oil done as well. The garage claimed that they do
    it every major service, which I actually have no reason not to believe,
    they were a bloody good local garage (we've since moved), and helped me
    out quite a few times with tools etc when i was stuck. Fingers crossed
    that'll delay the matrix job.

    Given last nights chaos I'm not sure car will be lasting much longer
    anyway, jerk in a new 3 series BMW went to overtake a car on a dual
    carriageway just as I was about to overtake him, just missed him. Later
    in the evening I hit one of these sticky out pedestrian refuges that
    somebody had knocked the warning bollard off (pissing it down with rain,
    visibility shite, but still mea culpa) I never saw it, flattened the
    tyre instantly, going into National later to see if the wheel is ok[1].
    Then fitting the spare the bloody car nearly rolled off the jack, only
    just saved it by bunging the spare under the car, letting the car down
    on the jack and starting again. Not a good day, and this is a week after
    somebody ran into the back of the SOs Ka. Grim!

    [1] Couple on ebay if not
    mike. buckley, Oct 22, 2004
  9. puk

    puk Guest

    Okay - well, many thanks to all who offered advice. We've done everything
    apart from replacing the heater matrix !!! bleeding the system, flushing the
    system twice with two different flush agents, sticking the garden hose
    directly into the heater matrix pipes in an attempt to blow out any gunk
    etc. - all to no avail (although there is a slight improvement). Now the
    heater gets fairly hot -UNTIL- you turn the blower on, then it goes cold
    very quickly.

    The only thing left I suppose is to change the matrix, and I really don't
    feel like tackling that myself (not being a mechanic!) and it seems getting
    it done in a garage would be too expensive for me. A simple solution, I
    thought, to get through the winter would be to use an electric (12v)
    heater/blower --- does such a beastie exist ? --- If so, where to find
    one - any ideas?

    Thanks again,
    puk, Nov 4, 2004
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