306 1.9TD Electrical probs: instrument panel/central locking

Discussion in 'Peugeot 306' started by hfe, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. hfe

    hfe Guest

    Sorry if this is verbose. I am looking for some sensible advice as I
    am heavily pregnant (baby is due in 2 days time) and my car has just
    let me down when I need it most.....

    I have a 1997 (R) 306 1.9TD, with 66K on the clock. Until now,
    incredibly reliable.

    In the snowy cold weather last week, the car was reluctant to start
    (glow-plugs?) but later in the day when temperature had warmed up it
    started no problem, although radio needed code putting back in. Took
    it for a spin to make sure battery was fully charged in case I had
    drained it trying to start the car earlier.

    5mins into the trip and the needles on each of the dials on the
    instrument panel flickered about then went to nothing.
    Mileometer/trip went to 8888888.

    Took it straight to a Peugeot Service centre who had a quick look and
    suggested maybe I need a new instrument panel, but car is driveable in
    meantime. So booked car in for service etc, but am waiting until
    after baby is born. When I switched on to leave Peugeot garage,
    instrument panel came back to life again.

    Perhaps there is an electrical shorting somewhere and having a warm
    engine dried it out and fixed it?

    However, since then the central locking hasn’t worked at all. Nothing
    from the remote key fob, and even using the key in the door doesn’t
    open the rest of the car.

    tried the car again yesterday and same electrical problem on dashboard
    - including radio code and this time I noticed I also have no hazards
    and no heated rear windscreen.

    I suspect it is a fuse that has blown somewhere... can anyone offer
    any advice or knowledge please?

    hfe, Mar 7, 2005
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  2. hfe

    brian Guest

    Check that the battery terminals are clean and tight. It sounds as if the
    car is losing power if you needed to put in a radio code. Otherwise it is a
    bad connection somewhere else. It is not a fuse which has blown, as the
    problem is intermittent, but most likely the salty atmosphere has done it's
    worst on some connector.

    Need a new dashboard? Typical dealer, change everything in sight till the
    problem goes away, far easier than actually working out what has gone wrong.
    brian, Mar 7, 2005
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  3. Helen
    My first port of call would be the battery. When a battery is cold and has
    to provide a heavy load i.e. starting and any faults with it will show as
    low battery voltage. This will cause various parts to either not work as
    usual or stop working. When it receives a small charge or gets warmer all
    will be operating normal. If the radio code goes this will be because the
    voltage supplied by the battery has either ceased or dropped to such a low
    value that it cannot maintain the internal memory.
    Take the car and get a battery discharge test done. If the battery is old
    (over 5 years) it would be worth changing anyway as you have a diesel.
    MICHAEL ROCHE, Mar 8, 2005
  4. hfe

    Martin Dixon Guest

    In message <422cb0a7$>
    I too have noticed something similar on my 1998R. I don't think it is the
    glow plugs since I had mine replaced last year. Most likely it is the
    battery. Mine is still the original and was sluggish cranking first thing in
    the recent cold mornings. Always managed to start it, sometimes in a clound
    of unburned fuel smoke.
    Martin Dixon, Mar 8, 2005
  5. hfe

    rob Guest

    I have the exact same problem on my 1999 citroen xantia HDI. - V.
    similar electrics to the peugeot. Car cranks over fine (therefore
    battery and terminals OK). Fuses are all OK. Central locking by key
    and by remote fob don't work. When ever I try to use the electric
    window and draw some power it soon cuts out(electric window), the
    tacho and speedo go all over the place and radio will cut out,
    interior clock/temp display switch off, fuel/temp gauge drop to zero.
    Headlights still work fine as do the dash lights. The car also now
    occasionally (1/5) cranks over and will not start as if there's an
    immobiliser or fuel pump problem.
    Did you get your car sorted Helen?
    This is so annoying!
    Must be a common problem. - Anyone BTDT?
    Sounds like it must be a corroded terminal somewhere but I don't
    really know where to start. All the blades on the fuses looked nice
    and shiny. Does the main power for the internal fuse box take off from
    the starter motor terminal and not the battery?
    rob, Mar 19, 2005
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