207cc 2007 window fault

Discussion in 'Peugeot 207' started by montymooster3, Apr 27, 2020.

  1. montymooster3


    Apr 27, 2020
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    hi all, new to this and really hoping that someone can help....

    my 207cc has a fault with the drivers window, will not operate from either switch and fails to go up and down when opening/closing the door. have checked the regulator, swapped from passenger side and its not that. also ran direct current through the motor, this also works fine. cannot see any visible wiring issues and from what i can tell the windows and electric mirrors run from the same fuse. Does anyone know if they have separate relays? and if so where they are? if not are there any sensors etc that i need to check? the locking mechanism was changed a few months ago as it fell apart, but everything was working fine afterwards, its just now that the window is not working. seriously annoying as i cannot drop the roof with a broken window. any help would be most welcome.thanks
    montymooster3, Apr 27, 2020
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