206 GLX 1.6 problems from new

Discussion in 'Peugeot 206' started by Duble, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. Duble

    Duble Guest

    My fiance bought one of these brand new in April.

    We are going back to the dealers [again] tomorrow, to reinforce our views on
    a few points. I have listed our gripes below, and would be interested to
    know of anyone else's views on these cars.

    - paintwork had numerous glitches where it looks like dust is between layers
    of paint.
    - when idling, the car vibrates at a fairly low frequency. It rumbles
    through your backside, and to be honest, makes both of us feel sick. It's a
    little like the feeling of being really nervous, and feeling like waves of
    anxiety go through your lower half - hence the term "<AUP>ing yourself".
    - when slowing down to go over a speed ramp, and then bringing the clutch
    back up in second gear, the gearstick shudders, and the car really does
    struggle. I don't often do it, but it refuses to allow the clutch to be
    slipped easily in second gear.
    - when taking your foot off from being lightly depressed onto the
    accelerator in fourth gear, the car lurches forwards. I can understand this
    in first, second or maybe third gear, but surely the drive should be
    smoother in fourth.

    I realise that some of these faults are probably "characteristics" of the
    car, like the dealer has said - but surely not all of them. I could have
    accepted that the tiny pedal space was a characteristic, causing an issue
    for big-footed people.

    When I got back into my Focus, after driving hers, it felt like the
    smoothest car on the planet.
    Duble, Jul 4, 2003
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  2. Duble

    Daniel G Guest

    Dont get fobbed off by the dealer. He'll say anything to get out of it - car
    dealers are just as dishonest as they used to be, just a bit smarter.
    These arent characteristics of the 206 - mine didnt do those things,
    although it was utterly crap in its own unique and shocking ways. Changed it
    for a Ford Fiesta zetec, a million billion times better just a bit dull to
    look at, dont know what the new ones like - how about a Lupo?
    Cut your losses, sell it and get a proper car, second hand if needs be. If
    its bad now imagine how crap itll be in a few years.
    Daniel G, Jul 7, 2003
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