206 ABS warning light

Discussion in 'Peugeot 206' started by John5, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Sep 13, 2012
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    I have just changed my rear axel; on my 206 1.4 Hdi Zest 2005. All went well until I took it for a drive. Then the ABS warning light came on so I checked all connections all seemed ok, cancelled the warning light and tried again, on came the warning light again. Wired up the diagnostic and came with error on offside sensor, so plugged in different sensor but that did not cure the problem. After scratching my head for a time I decided to swap the nearside hub and sensor (which I know works ok) with the offside hub and sensor. But the offside still had error. So the only thing I can think of is that I must have broken a cable running from the sensor to the ECU when unplugging it first time. ? What I need to do now is check the continuity of the cables to the ECU (easier said than done)
    Peugeot are not very forthcoming with there wiring diagrams, and I am struggling to find a detailed one. The other question is dose the ABS run from the main ECU or dose it have a separate ECU for the ABS.
    I would appreciate your comments and maybe different thoughts.
    John5, Aug 5, 2013
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