205 TD How Much Boost?

Discussion in 'Peugeot 205' started by Sambo, May 15, 2005.

  1. Sambo

    Sambo Guest

    I have a 205 TD and have purchased one of these beauties:
    From my own research I have found that the standard maximum boost pressure is 0.7bar.
    Bearing in mind I have No charge cooling at all what do people reckon would be a resonable Maximum boost to go for?
    I was thinking of 0.9-1.0 bar. I believe standard Dturbo 306's and 405's with intercoolers run at 1.0 bar max boost.
    I am a cheapskate and fuel in the uk is a rip off so I don't drive on-boost all the time.
    I may in the future look at a 405 intercooler set up. But I am more tempted to try a home made water Injection system.
    What do people think?

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    Sambo, May 15, 2005
  2. Sambo

    G.T Guest

    is 0.7bar.
    with intercoolers run at 1.0 bar max boost.
    All 405s had intercooler (whatever they ran on 1.7 or 1.9TD). I don't know
    the boost pressure for XUD7TE, but 1.9 (XUD9TE) max boost is set at 950mbar
    G.T, May 15, 2005
  3. Sambo

    SimonDS Guest

    306 boost is set to 15psi
    17psi is the max i'd go for with the standard intercooler.
    SimonDS, May 16, 2005
  4. Sambo

    G.T Guest

    Hi Simon;
    950mbar =+/-14psi so we may have the same info on it.
    I wouldn't try this, I'm pretty affraid of a quick turbo wear.
    G.T, May 16, 2005
  5. Sambo

    SimonDS Guest

    i would have though 17 was okay as a max.
    my 306 makes 15psi easily.
    you are ofcourse eating into the safety margin Pug built into the system.
    I hear it makes little difference anyway. Better to increase the main
    fuelling and on boost fuel settings
    SimonDS, May 20, 2005
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