205 STDT Diesel Fuel Consumption

Discussion in 'Peugeot 205' started by tim_murdoch, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. tim_murdoch

    tim_murdoch Guest

    Right then...
    After my first tankful, I've returned 42mpg, this seems a bit low as I
    was expecting in the region of 50mpg. The car has done 83000 miles, was
    driven at no more than 3000rpm on a 12 mile commute (city and dual
    carriageway). Is this indicative of a short, cold commute? and/or
    should I look at replacing the air/fuel filters?
    any info would be appreciated......
    tim_murdoch, Mar 3, 2006
  2. tim_murdoch

    Brian Guest

    Certainly check the air filter, and clean it with a vacuum, or replace if it
    looks dirty.
    The other thing is how you drive, and how it has been driven before.
    If it has always been driven at very low revs, then a lot of crap will have
    built up in the engine and exhaust. First thing, take it to a long empty
    road, preferably not in town, and put your foot down to the floor in second
    gear. Leave it there for 20 seconds or so. You will almost certainly see a
    cloud of black smoke at first, but this will clear. It will then drive
    This is a useful thing to do before the emissions test in the MOT.
    The other thing to check is how you are driving it. The turbo does not
    really come in until at least 2000rpm, and there is little power lower than
    that. In a higher gear, fourth perhaps, try accellerating hard, put your
    foot down, then slowly release it, and see how far up you can bring it
    before the rate of accelleration reduces.
    You will find that too much weight on the go pedal only burns more fuel, but
    gives little in accelleration.
    To sum up, don't let the revs drop too much if you want accelleration, and
    keep a light right foot.
    Brian, Mar 3, 2006
  3. tim_murdoch

    mfunsta Guest

    Thanks for your advice Brian, I'll give it a go
    mfunsta, Mar 3, 2006
  4. It's quite low. I have a 205 GRDT, and in normal brisk driving average
    just over 50mpg, dropping down to mid-40s when really caning it.
    If you drive at 45mph in granny mode, then you can get better than
    60mpg, but the difference between normal driving and hooning isn't that
    significant, which is nice :-D

    Cold/short runs don't affect fuel economy in a diesel nearly as much as
    they do a petrol, although sitting in traffic obviously does.

    The non-intercooled engine in the 205 is less turbo-peaky than the
    intercooled 90BHp variants used in the 405/306 etc.. and is quite
    driveable from below 2000rpm.
    Probably worth putting a new air filter in, and some injector cleaner
    then take it for a good solid thrash for a few miles. This also gives
    you chance to find out exactly where the rev-limiter cuts in :)
    It's probably worth checking that none of your brakes are binding.

    205TDs rock, btw :)
    Albert T Cone, Mar 3, 2006
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