205 GTI - MI16 conversion - oil temp sender

Discussion in 'Peugeot 205' started by stealthf0x, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. stealthf0x

    stealthf0x Guest

    Hi Guys,

    Haven't posted here in a loooong time (I'm ashamed to say after my 3rd
    205 i got demoted to a rover 200...), but i've recently got my mits on
    a sorrento green 205 GTI MI16 conversion (from a bx) which has given
    me no end of puzzling over which bits are from which car... but its
    well worth the time and effort :)

    Anyway, down to business...My oil temperature sender has decided its
    time to die and dump oil all over the road (its leaking through the
    sensor body itself, not just a dodgy washer), so I'm looking for a
    replacement. I've noticed the oil temp gauge never really goes up very
    high, even when its really thrashed it'll only go up to the 2nd or 3rd
    mark on the dial, which I wouldn't expect as there's not an oil cooler
    fitted. I'm wondering if the standard GTI lump uses a sensor with a
    different resistance to the MI16's? If so I'm guessing the GTI sender
    wont fit in the MI16 sump without some kind of adapter? And if anyone
    happens to have the peugeot part number for the correct sender (or
    even a spare one knocking around?), it would make my day!

    stealthf0x, Jul 1, 2008
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