205 cti leak

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by ellis rodda, Oct 27, 2022.

  1. ellis rodda

    ellis rodda

    Oct 27, 2022
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    Hi Member of Peugeot Forum
    I have purchased a 205 cti and although it will be garaged its currently outside, During recent rainfall I have noticed that the carpet by the rear passenger seat/ seatbelt well for main passenger is wet. Its not entirely obvious where the water is getting in (I have run tape over the ill fitting rear window rubbers, no signs of any holes in the roof at all and not happening on the drivers side (which appears to "look" the same as the passenger side)
    Any clues please as to where to properly look
    I'm in West Sussex - so any specialists . garage recommends who may be able to help?
    Also the speedo does not work - presume is this just a cable?
    Thanks in advance
    ellis rodda, Oct 27, 2022
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  2. ellis rodda

    STDT Chris

    Jun 3, 2022
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    Near Taunton
    My STDT rear footwell was wet and i traced it to rain getting into the inside of the panel next to the rear seat through the plastic vent below the drivers door catch pin (B post) and overflowing into the car. with yours being open top im not sure if yours has the vents or not.
    STDT Chris, Oct 28, 2022
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