2010 Peugeot 207cc Roof Lowering Problem: Error EF69

Discussion in 'Peugeot 207' started by AL_GRAY_SA, Jul 25, 2023.



    Jul 25, 2023
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    Hello everyone, and greetings from a Wintery Johannesburg in South Africa.

    I am at the end of my sense of humour and have dropped in here in the hope that someone might have some bright ideas or wisdom to help out.

    My problem is with my 2010 Peugeot 207cc 1.6 Turbo Sport 2 model with 155,000km, which I am currently selling. The day before the new owner was due to take delivery the roof came up with a bunch of errors. (For those curious, I am not abandoning the love of 207cc, I already have the replacement - a nicer 207cc 2013 model with the 6 speed box).

    The first errors came from the boot switch/sensor not getting its signal to the Roof ECU. Turns out that this was due to a complete break in the one thin cable in the harness that runs from the boot lid, past the hinges, onto the body of the car. Apparently this is a known weakness, and happens occasionally. I have since fixed this issue.

    Now the problem seems to be that there is another signal not getting through, but I cannot find any further info online.

    I took a dive and invested in the Autel MaxiAp200 OBD reader, which had very good report backs from other Peugeot users. Was US$60 and includes lifetime usage and updates on one brand/make of vehicle. I am impressed with the depth of access on this unit, it seems to be very comprehensive. Not sure if it as good as the PP2000 units, but getting one of those to SA was going to be a complete mission, and I had a friend visiting from the States who brought the Autel over.

    At this point the 207cc is going part of the way into the roof lowering cycle. It begins lowering the windows and stops with the two small rear windows halfway down, and then shows the dreaded roof malfunction message on the screen on the middle of the dash. From memory, this is the point where the bootlid starts its motion to open and make the space for the roof to retract into. I get a warning to "Complete Roof Manoeuvre Immediately" and push the roof button forward, and it then shortly after says "Roof Manoeuvre Completed" message on screen.

    So, all I can really deduce is that a roof position switch is halting the lowering of the roof any further. The message that the Autel gave on diagnostics is attached. Error EF69 "Boot unlocking time fault". How would I identify where to begin looking for where the problem lies?

    Any assistance in solving this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Al.

    Peugeot 207cc Roof Error 20230722 - Roof Trouble Code.jpg
    AL_GRAY_SA, Jul 25, 2023
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