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Discussion in 'Peugeot 3008' started by Dr. P. Baron, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Jun 4, 2018
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    I would very much appreciate some assistance. I collected a new Allure 1.2 auto (petrol, of course) on 1st March this year; it had less than one mile on the clock. Aside from a few irritating niggles with the model that some people might consider minor, the biggest problem I have - and one which I deem absolutely unacceptable - is regarding its fuel economy.

    The first time I filled up the tank the vehicle had returned 29mpg. I have now done 1,000 miles and had to refuel three times (the second and third occasions having achieved 30mpg). How can this possibly be right ?!
    Now, PLEASE, I beg you, if you wish to respond do not write ANYTHING which mentions a single thing of the following aspects: driving style; loading; journey type. I AM NOT A NOVICE. In fact, as an advanced driver I would like to think that I am more familiar than most with these topics and all their concomitant facets.

    This is far from the first time I have purchased a new vehicle and the types of journeys I do and the way I drive have NOT changed. Furthermore, I ALWAYS treat a new vehicle with extra consideration and respect as that was the way I was taught by my father, even though I have been told that the requirement to 'run in' a new car carries less importance these days. I can tell you that I have NEVER encountered such a shoddy show in respect of the issue under discussion as I have with this car. And given the continuous improvements in technology, I would suggest that the status quo is even less acceptable today.

    I have read the (extended) user manual and noted the part where it mentions that consistent fuel economy does not commence prior to about 1,600 miles but, notwithstanding this, I maintain that the current situation is absurd.
    I have been in contact both with Peugeot head office and with my local and purchase garages. I have had a fault code check carried out which, unsurprisingly, yielded nothing and the impression I have been given is that no one wants to know. After all, it is easy for them to ignore me and hope that I go away.

    Well, I won't.

    I am considering suing the garage from where I purchased this vehicle on the basis that it was mis-sold to me as I specifically asked the salesman about fuel economy and made it clear that it was a very important criterion upon which I would base my decision.

    I have looked into having a PROPER, independent fuel efficiency check carried out but companies that do these are much harder to locate than I had anticipated ! I have found ONE good one and was quoted £7,500 ... PLUS VAT (!!). Ridiculous.

    I am also contemplating contacting BBC's Watchdog to get them involved as they, I am sure, could find someone to carry out the test I need.

    I don't know why the car I have is performing so poorly. The engine sounds fine and idles correctly; I have read countless reviews and forum threads and, with a few exceptions, I appear to be a lone voice in the wilderness on this one. Is it possible for a vehicle to be mis-constructed in such a way as to negatively affect its fuel efficiency ? I have no idea.

    But I am NOT going mad and I KNOW I am right ! And anyway, just because such a situation has not previously arisen does NOT negate the fact that it might have now !

    I would truly appreciate any advice and assistance you can give. Apart from anything else, if I do go down the legal or television route it would be very useful to have others who have been similarly affected - I find it hard to believe that I am the only one.

    Here's hoping ...

    Dr. P. Baron, Jun 4, 2018
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